Campaign tracking in Latana allows you to add context to your brand analytics data by visualizing it alongside your real-world campaigns. 

Add a campaign

To add a campaign, navigate to the "+" menu in the top right corner of the app, and select "Campaign."

In the "Create Campaign" screen, fill out your campaign details. "Campaign Title" and "Campaign Timeframe" are required, and the target audience and notes are optional. 

Viewing your campaigns 

When you add a campaign, it will appear in multiple places: the Campaign Tracking tab, the Brand Funnel, and the Comparison Graph. 

In the Campaign Tracking tab, you will see a timeline view of all your campaigns:

On the Brand Funnel and Comparison Graph, the campaigns are represented with shadows at the bottom of the visualization. If you hover over one, you will see the campaign details:

You have the option to show or hide the campaign shadows on the Brand Funnel and Comparison Graph with the flag toggle in the top-right corner of the graph. 

Editing a campaign

To edit or delete a campaign, go to the Campaign Tracking tab and click on the campaign you'd like to modify in the timeline. In the modal, you can edit the details or delete the campaign.

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